Monday, February 15, 2010

Gozo Carnival 2010

I have produced here some photos shot during one session of the activities organized by the Carnival Committee, the official Carnival so to speak. This year more than the years before we saw a couple of magnificent dancing companies that were in a class of their own. One company was made up of 70 dancers, all women and girls except for 4 male participants. It was clear that they were very well prepared. They executed the longish dance so gracefully, perfectly swinging to the tempo of the well chosen playback music that they received ear-splitting applause from the appreciative spectators. Our congratulations go to the organiser, the choreographer, the designer of the wonderfully coloured and original costumes and last but not least to the graceful dancers themselves. Well done!!

ThePhotos of the spectacular dance company executing their splendid dance were taken at Victoria, Gozo on Tuesday evening, the last day of Carnival 2010.

Very different from the organized Carnival parade is the spontaneous Carnival at Nadur, Gozo. The pictures were taken on Carnival Monday night at 11 o'clock. The weather was perfect, a little cold perhaps but there was no wind or rain. There were quite a few spectators who came to Nadur for the occasion. Some people even crossed over from Malta to enjoy this bizarre spectacle. Many folks put on some old clothes grab a stick or unbrella or anything that comes to hand put on a mask and step outside to parade. The more bizarre the outfit the more attention it draws from the onlookers and from the people taking photos. It was not raining but these guys even managed to make some rain fall on their unbrellas. Some of them improvise and invent things and are really funny while others put on such ugly masks that they make some of the onlookers nervous to say nothing of frightening the children. Well anyway, I do not think that the Nadur Carnival is the ideal place for small children.

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