Monday, April 12, 2010

Learning Some Maltese

You might be visiting Gozo soon, maybe this Summer. Wouldn't it be fun if you were able to speak some words in Maltese. Simple words like "bonġu" meaning good morning, "kif inti?" meaning how are you doing? "Bonswa" meaning good evening. You may have noticed that "bonġu and bonswa" have the ring of the french words to them "bonjour and bonsoir". In fact they are derived from French. Yes our language is very old, based on the language of the Phoenicians who inhabited our Islands many years before Christ, and it was enhanced with French, Italian and English words as people began using and adding new words over the years. "Arblu" meaning a mast was probably derived from "albero" the Italian/Sicilian word for tree and there are so many more.

Here at this address you can peruse written lessons and listen to Maltese pronounciation on video.