Old-Time Trades and Services

Here is a List of the Trades that I remember.

1. The Milkman early in the morning and at about 2.30 in the afternoon together with a dozen or so goats
2. GreenGrocer with Donkey and Cart
3. Fishmonger carrying a large wicker basket of fish
4. Seller of Seaurchins and sea shells/mussels (imhar)
5. Seller of roasted Nuts, broad beans and sweet peas
6. Seller with cart and donkey selling onions and potatoes
7. Seller with cart and donkey selling melons in Summer
8. Cloth Dealer armed with yard-stick and different cloths slung on
his shoulder
9. Seller with cart and horse selling live poultry, pigeons and rabbits
10. Seller of kerosene with 44-gallon drum on horse-drawn cart and with
measuring cans dangling behind
11. During the festa season in Summer, sellers of home-made pastries and
ice-cream would be present in every village selling their wares on

Women were really stay-at-home in those days. The hawkers passed regulary by their doorstep every day and they had no need to leave the house except to hear mass and to pay an occasional visit to the shop. There were shops like today but they were primitive by today's standards. In the evenings and even late into the night, women and girls indulged in extra curricular work like sewing and embroidery, knitting, yarning and lace-making and often in the dim light of kerosene lamps. It was a hard life in the 50's.

1. Confectionary
2. Bakery
3. Butcher
4. Salad Seller - roasted onions and egg-plant,salted tune, herrings,
olives,peppered and dry local cheeslets, anchovies and dried figs.
5. Miller
6. Tailor for men and boys
7. Seamstress for ladies and girls
8. Shoe shop
9. TinSmith
10. Blacksmith
11. Ironmonger
12. Cobbler
13. Haberdashery
14. Barber for men and boys
15. Grocer who held a ration contract and distributed oil, flour,
macaroni(long size), bread and sugar

16.  Printer and Book-binder

Some or the above trades are now obsolete, like the miller and the tinsmith.  There were others which still exist today, obviously: teachers, priests, farmers and herdsmen, carpenters and cabinet-makers, etc.

To see a good collection of old-time hand tools, machines and implements view these pictures from the Folklore Gharb Museum.  A visit to the Museum would be a real enjoyable experience. 

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